Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I'm on sick kid duty, yo.

With the biggest kid of them all being my 6'2", 250 lb. Mr. Floren, up in bed, pretty sure the world is coming to an end because of a sore throat.  Oh, lord.  Two weeks ago, I had a 103 degree fever for three days and couldn't get him to even come home early so I could go to bed, but he's taking the day for a sore throat? Stay at home moms, do you have this problem?  When I was a working mom I could take a sick day, send the kids to daycare anyway, and actually, you know, be sick.  Now-forget it.  Which is fine, because I'm a tough motherhumper, unlike my dear, sweet whiny big baby husband upstairs.  Are all men this pathetic sensitive when they're sick, or is it just mine?  Seriously curious here.

The little ladies are seemingly ill-as in stuffy, runny noses, fevers, and complaints of sore throats.  However, they are still harassing me and each other like nothing is wrong, so I am not too concerned.  When they actually sit down and shut up for a few minutes, that's when I'll worry.  And they both had three bowls of cereal for breakfast, so I don't think we're dealing with the plague here.   

Speaking of cereal, I bought eight more boxes yesterday.  We are reaching a critical mass of cereal around these parts.  I needed them for a General Mills catalina at Albertsons (spend $20, get $5 back) and I only ended up paying 50 cents a box.  Wonder what my family would think about getting cereal for Christmas...I was actually brainstorming this while I was making coffee this morning.  All my most ridiculous ideas come before the coffee consumption, trust.  I have a giant family-four siblings, three of which have children, two of which have significant others.  And we're not even Catholic.  Anyhoo, I was thinking I could ask each one what their favorite cereal is, then save like ten boxes each, and wrap that shit up with a cute cereal bowl and spoon combo.  Cute or ridiculous?  I can't decide.

Well, since this post is going downhill quickly and I'm not even the one chugging cold medicine, we'll wrap things up.  As soon as I get everyone down for a drug induced nap, I'll work on the fifth of the Momalom's Five for Ten posts: the topic is "Yes".  At first I was a little unsure of what to write, but I've got it mocked up in my head and I'm liking it.  I am so grateful for the Five for Ten challenge-I have made so many connections with great women and read so many amazing posts by seriously talented writers-so much inspiration.  I love it.

Also, feel free to leave me any feedback or just tell me how awesome I am here for your chance to win a $20 Target giftcard!  Loves!


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