Sunday, March 28, 2010

Bitch And Moan Monday


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Welcome friends!!!  How is everyone this morning?  I hope you have lots to complain about, because....

For all the smack I talk, mostly via inner monologue (or on my blog, ha) because I really don't like conflict or hurting people I like, I'm generally a happy person. When I am stressed out, bummed out, or just plain pissed off, I really do try to keep it to myself. I like my blog to be a place of catch more flies with honey, right? Well, sometimes you just have to let it out. So that's what made me think of Bitch and Moan Monday. Share your complaints, leave it here, and move on to a great week!!

March in the Pacific Northwest has been absolutely gorgeous this year.  I think it's only rained three times, we've been able to play outside every day.  Hell, last Wednesday we were able to do this....

It was 75 DEGREES.

In March. In the Seattleish area.

A bit overcast, but warm and sunny nonetheless.  We chilled on the beach until 6 pm.

Today?  Or, in other words, as soon as I handed out invitations confirming that I planned an outdoor venue for my daughter's birthday party in two weeks?

My friend Megan took this picture on the freeway today (no, she wasn't driving, thankfully her rockstar hubby was!)

Oh yes....a downpour.  In fact, the 10-day forecast is full of rain, including a prediction of 1.25" in the next 24 hours.  Karma hates me, I swear.  But then again, I asked for I was printing said invitations, I told myself, "You know what this is going to do.  Planning an April birthday outdoors is just asking for a rain onslaught of epic, Noah's Ark, Space Needle floating away type proportions, and it will be ALL YOUR FAULT."

So, take pity on your idiotic ridiculous impractical brave and hopeful neighborhood blogger and let's all pray to McDreamy for a sunny day, yes?

So, what's got you giving old ladies the stink eye this morning?  Kicking puppies because their barking annoys you?  Neighbors peeping in your windows?  Children on a sleep strike?  Do tell me all about it and we can commiserate in the comments.  If you are a blogger, feel free to grab the button, write your own Bitch and Moan Monday post, and link it up so we can all feel your pain!


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